Strawberry And Chocolate Dessert Menu Pink Dessert Menu With Two Column

Strawberry And Chocolate Dessert Menu

Are you a chocolate fan? Chocolate is a food that is made from roasted and ground cacao seed kernels. It can be consumed on its own or as an additive to other dishes as a liquid, solid, or paste. One of the most well-liked food groups and tastes in the entire world is chocolate.

Here is a menu template designed for a dessert shop. This is a classy menu design with the use of photos and text. In this menu, pink colors are used as the primary color of the design. Two food images showing the dessert products are also designed on the top of the template. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you can freely customize graphics with the selection of various templates. You can easily edit the images, colors, shapes, etc. with this tool. You can also edit the images with the adjustment of brightness, contrast, and exposure too on the tool palette. 

Do you want to prepare a menu for your restaurant? Create your design with dozen of menu templates on Visual Paradigm Online!

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Menus Template Specifications:
Este modelo de menu pode ser totalmente personalizado. Pode editar o conteúdo, substituir imagem(ns), alterar cores, adicionar ou remover blocos de design e muito mais.
Dominant Color
800 x 1200 px

Sweet House

The Place Provide The Best Dessert

Strawberry Series

  • Strawberry Pie $30

    Strawberries/  Cream

  • Strawberry Cheesecake $25

    Strawberries/ Cream Cheese/  Butter/ Chocolate 

  • Strawberry Cobbler $50

    Strawberries/ Milk/ Ice-cream/ Butter

  • Strawberry Fruit Tart $30

    Strawberries/ Cream/ Blueberries/ Raspberries

  • Strawberry Tiramisu $25

    Strawberries/ Cheese/ Chocolate

  • Strawberry Ice-cream $25

    Strawberries/ Milk

Chocolate Series

  • Chocolate Cheesecake $25

    Chocolate/ Cream Cheese/  Butter

  • Chocolate Crepe Cake $30

    Chocolate/ Milk/ Butter

  • Chocolate Truffles $20

    Chocolate/ Milk/ Espresso Powder/ Cacao Nibs 

  • Cocoa Souffle $30

    Chocolate(Cocoa)/ Milk/ Butter

  • Chocolate Brownies $25

    Chocolate/ Baked cocoa/ Beer/ Ice-cream

  • Chocolate Molten Cakes $40

    Chocolate/ Dry Red Wine

Packaging Services

  • $20 for each package

  • No services fee when buying for more than $150

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