Whiskey Day Poster

Whiskey Day Poster

Whisky is made from barley grains and fermented in oak barrels for many years. It is made into 43 degrees of strong distilled spirits.

At present, the most popular whiskies are:

  • Scotch whisky

  • Bourbon Whisky.

The earliest whisky originated in Scotland, which is called "water of life" by the British. As the name suggests, Scotch whisky is produced in Scotland. Scotland is in the north of the three British Islands. Its geographical location enables the raw materials of scotch to grow in a superior climate and environment. These environments and local water resources make these raw materials most suitable for making whisky. Scotch whisky is brown yellow with red color, clear and translucent, with scorched smell.

Infographic template: The Ingredients Of Whisky Infographic (Created by InfoART's Infographic maker)

(Infographic about ingredients of Whiskey. Edit it now.)

According to the rules of the Scotch Whisky Association, only Whisky Aged more than three years can be called Scotch whisky.

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Happy World Whiskey Day!!

Hand Me Whiskey

May 15 - World Whiskey Day

A day of global whisky celebration World Whisky Day invites everyone to

raise a dream and celebrate the water of life.

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