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In the current strategic planning report, SWOT analysis should be regarded as one of the most well-known tool. It is actually a method to synthesize and summarize all aspects of the internal and external conditions of the enterprise, and then analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats faced by the organization. Through SWOT analysis, it can help enterprises to gather resources and actions in their strengths and market with the most opportunities.

SWOT Analysis template: Personal SWOT Analysis (Created by Diagrams's SWOT Analysis maker)

The simple criteria for successful use of SWOT analysis are as follows:

  • In SWOT analysis, we must objectively understand the company's strengths and weaknesses;

  • In SWOT analysis, to clear the company's current situation and future;

  • SWOT analysis must be comprehensive.

  • SWOT analysis must be compared with competitors, e.g. better or lower than your competitors;

  • Simplify SWOT analysis to avoid complex and excessive analysis;

  • SWOT analysis varies from person to person.

Análise SWOT Template Specifications:
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