Waist-to-Height Ratio Calculator

This is an online waist to height ratio calculator that calculates the WHtR (Waist to Height Ratio) of men and women. Besides, it also explains the various concepts about waist-to-height ratio as well as the formula to apply.

Why is the waist-to-height ratio important?

The waist to height ratio is a measure of the distribution of body fat. The figure reflects the level of risk of obesity-related cardiovascular diseases since it is correlated with abdominal obesity.

How to measure your waist?

You can follow the steps below to measure your waist circumference:

  1. Stand straight with your feet close together and be relaxed.
  2. Keep your arms at the sides.
  3. Take the measurement after the end of a normal expiration.
  4. Measure the smallest circumference of the waist, one inch above the belly button. Repeat the measurements twice and take the average.

What does the waist-to-height ratio calculator do?

This waist-to-height ratio is similar to waist-hip ratio (WHR) calculator. Instead of hip circumference in WHR calculator, this calculator uses height. WHtR calculator takes gender, waist circumference and height to calculate a ratio with waist circumference and height. This ratio is compared with the health category boundaries based on gender and displays the result.

Waist-to-Height Ratio formula

The waist-height ratio is calculated as waist measurement divided by the height measurement.

Waist to height ratio (WHtR) = ( Waist circumference / Height )

Waist measurement

Waist-to-Height Ratio Chart

For male:

Waist / Height ratio Health condition
< 0.35 Abnormally slim to underweight
0.45 – 0.43 Extremely slim
0.43 – 0.46 Slender & healthy
0.46 – 0.53 Healthy
0.53 – 0.58 Overweight
0.58 – 0.63 Extremely overweight/obese
> 0.63 Highly Obese

For female:

Waist / Height ratio Health condition
< 0.35 Abnormally slim to underweight
0.45 – 0.42 Extremely slim
0.42 – 0.46 Slender & healthy
0.46 – 0.49 Healthy
0.49 – 0.54 Overweight
0.54 – 0.58 Extremely overweight/obese
> 0.58 Highly Obese

Example of Waist to Height Ratio

Find the waist to height ratio of a man his waist circumference is 87cm and height is 180 cm?


Waist circumference = 87 cm Height = 180 cm


Substitute the given values in the formula,

= Waist circumference / Height
= 87 / 180
= 0.4833 (i.e. Healthy)

How to use the waist-to-height ratio calculator?

  1. Select your gender.
  2. Enter your waist circumference. Normally waist circumference should be between 50 to 250 centimeters (i.e. 20 to 100 inches).
  3. Enter your height in centimeters.
  4. The Waist-to-Height Ratio will be calculated, and the result will be displayed in the box below.
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