Magical Musical Night Ticket

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Magical Musical Night Ticket
Magical Musical Night Ticket

Do you like watching magic shows? What makes a magic show interesting? A magic show is educational for children. This magic shows combine comedy with science. The magician's tricks will catch the children's interest and stimulate their passionate curiosity about how they are performed.

This is a ticket template designed for art and music. This is a cute ticket design with graphics. In this ticket, a graphic of a cute magician is designed on one side of the ticket template. The graphic of the magician symbolizes the magic show. The bold text of the event title is also designed on the ticket. This template is designed by Visual Paradigm Online. It is a convenient tool for you to design your graphics with thousands of templates. You can are allowed to select images from the photo library and drag out the image as the background of your design.

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Билеты Template Specifications:
Этот шаблон билета может быть полностью адаптирован под ваши нужды. Не стесняйтесь редактировать содержание, заменять изображения, менять цвета, добавлять или удалять блоки оформления и т.д.
Dominant Color
850 x 280 px

Magical Music Night

Presented By: International Magic School Academy

Date & Time: 18 December 2021 | 6PM - 10PM

Location: International Performance Hall C

Terms & Conditions

  1. This ticket is valid for one person only.

  2. This ticket cannot be transferred as cash.

  3. This ticket cannot be resold to other.

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