How to make column chart in 5 steps

Create beautiful column chart with VP Online's column chart builder in minutes. Start with a premade column chart template designed by VP Online's world class design team. Quickly and easily customize any aspect of the column chart. Publish and share the chart in few clicks.

  • 01

    Browse VP Online's library of premade Column Chart template.

  • 02

    Open the template you like and click Edit to start customization it in our online column chart maker.

  • 03

    Double click on the column chart to open the spreadsheet data editor. Edit the data either by hand or by importing from Google sheet.

  • 04

    自定义图表风格。在 "图表" > "设置" 窗格下编辑其颜色、字体和间距等选项。

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Column Chart Templates

Tired of dull and boring chart design? Our world-class design team has designed a rich set of modern and creative column chart templates to support your data visualization needs. Choose from one of our pre-designed column chart templates and plug your data in. VP Online's column chart creator much data visualization hassle-free, giving you the freedom to customize your template as much or as little as you choose.


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