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A step chart, also known as a step plot or a step graph, is a type of line chart that is commonly used in scientific, engineering, and financial applications. It displays data points as a series of steps, rather than a continuous line, which is useful when the data changes rapidly or irregularly.

The step chart is particularly useful for showing changes in data over time, or for comparing two sets of data that have a step-like pattern. It is often used to visualize stock prices, where the price changes abruptly and frequently, or to show changes in temperature or other weather data over time.

The chart can be easily modified to suit your needs with VP Online Chart Maker. By adjusting the line color, thickness, and style, as well as add labels, legends, and other elements to your chart. You can make the chart fits your needs in an easy way. You can also adjust the axes, split line and area to make the chart easier to read.

Additionally, the tool also provides a wide variety of templates that you can choose from, including different color schemes and designs. This allows you to quickly create professional charts that are consistent with your brand or style.

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