Vorlagen für gruppierte Säulen- und Liniendiagramme

Entwerfen Sie schnell und einfach gruppierte Säulen- und Liniendiagramme aus gebrauchsfertigen Vorlagen

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Vorlagen für gruppierte Säulen- und Liniendiagramme

Grouped column and line charts are a popular way to display multiple data sets in a single chart. These charts combine both column and line charts, making it easy to visualize and compare data across different categories or groups. Similar to the grouped bar chart, the grouped column and line chart has two or more columns and lines that are grouped together. The columns and lines can be represented side-by-side or stacked, depending on the data.

These charts are commonly used in financial, business, and scientific applications where there is a need to compare multiple data sets. For example, a business might use a grouped column and line chart to compare sales revenue and profits over different quarters or years. A scientist might use this chart to show the relationship between temperature and precipitation data over a period of time.

In VP Online, creating a grouped column and line chart is simple with the online chart maker. You can easily customize the chart by adding or removing data series, changing colors, and adjusting the axes. The chart can be exported in various formats such as PNG and PDF, making it easy to share with others. The template library provides a variety of grouped column and line chart examples to help you get started quickly. Start your creation now!

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