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Stream Graph Vorlagen

Stream graph is a type of data visualization that displays the changes in values of multiple groups over time, as well as the relative size of each group at each point in time. It is similar to a stacked area chart, but the curves are smoothed and layered to create a flowing effect, resembling a stream or river. Stream graphs are useful for showing the patterns of change in multiple data sets that may be difficult to discern with other chart types.

Stream graphs are often used in fields such as finance, climate science, and web analytics, where there is a need to visualize changes in data over time. They can be particularly effective when there are a large number of data points, and the emphasis is on identifying overall trends rather than precise values at specific points in time.

Visual Paradigm Online offers a range of customization options for stream graphs, allowing you to tailor the visualizations to your specific needs, such as selecting color scheme and customize the sizes of the curves. In addition, VP Online provides a library of pre-built templates to help you get started quickly. These templates cover a range of use cases, pick the one that fits your need and start your customization now!

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