Neon Light Poster Classic Poster Design Of Neon Light In Rounded Shape

Neon Light Poster

Do you like the beauty of neon lights? As the name implies, the main element of neon is "neon", which is a chemical element. Neon gas is a colorless, odorless, inert, monoatomic gas in its standard state. A high voltage applied to the electrodes ionizes the gas inside the tube, and the gas then emits colored light. The remaining other gases are used to control the color of the illumination. For example, adding helium produces yellow illumination, while adding carbon dioxide produces white.

Here is a poster designed with neon lighting as the theme. The circular neon is placed in the middle of the design and looks strong from the dark background. To match the colors behind, two colors were used for the text, dark and light. Simple shapes were used to decorate the poster. By the poster maker of Visual Paradigm Online, all elements of the design are customizable. You are able to edit the text, image, color and photo. Filters can be added while the composition can be changed. Please feel free to customize the template to create your own design!

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