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SWOT analysis is a method for analyzing the competitive situation of a company, and is one of the basic analysis methods in marketing. It evaluates the strengths (Strengths), weaknesses (Weaknesses), opportunities (Opportunities) and threats (Threats) of a company in the competitive market, and is used to conduct an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the company before formulating the development strategy of the company.

Internal Factors - What occurs within the company serves as a great source of information for the strengths and weaknesses categories of the SWOT analysis


  • What are the advantages of talents?

  • What are the advantages of the product?

  • What new technology is there?

  • What are the successful strategies used?

  • Why can you attract customers to your door


  • What is the lack of the overall organizational structure of the company?

  • Is the technology and equipment insufficient?

  • What are the reasons for the failure of policy implementation?

  • What can the company fail to do?

  • What type of customers cannot be satisfied?

External Factors - What happens outside of the company is equally as important to the success of a company as internal factors. 


  • Are there any suitable new business opportunities?

  • How to strengthen product market segmentation?

  • What new technologies and services are available?

  • What are the favorable opportunities for changes in the political and economic situation?

  • What is the development of the company in the next 10 years?


  • How has the general environment changed recently?

  • What are the recent trends of competitors?

  • Are you unable to keep up with changes in consumer demand?

  • What are the unfavorable changes in the political and economic situation?

  • What changes will threaten the survival of the enterprise?

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