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How to cook pizza in the oven? You can first preheat the oven to around 450 to 500 degrees °F. After preheating the oven, you can then put the pizza on the rack inside the oven. Bake for 20 minutes and you can enjoy the pizza. This is a YouTube thumbnail template designed for the pizza recipe. This is an interesting thumbnail design for pizza recipe sharing. In this template, an image of pizza is designed on the top half of the template. It can clearly show how the pizza looks in reality by a photo of the pizza recipe. Bright Orange color is designed as the background color that makes the design looks vibrant and stands out. This template is created with Visual Paradigm Online. With the online design tool in Visual Paradigm Online, you can design your work with images easily. You can just simply drag an image from your device or you can select an image from the photo library in Visual Paradigm Online for customization. You also customize the template with texts, shapes, colors, images, etc.

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