Fire Evacuation Plan

Fire Evacuation Plan

The Fire Evacuation Plan flowchart template outlines the steps to be taken in the event of a fire or smoke detection. The flowchart includes actions such as identifying the presence of fire or smoke, contacting the fire department, triggering fire alarms, gathering essential items, sealing cracks with wet towels, signaling for help, finding a safe room, and waiting for rescue.

The flowchart begins with the start symbol and presents three different scenarios for detecting fire or smoke: seeing fire or smoke, someone else seeing fire or smoke, or a smoke detector detecting smoke within the building.

Upon detection, the flowchart directs the user to contact the fire department and push the fire alarm trigger to alert others in the building.

Next, the flowchart suggests gathering essential items such as keys, wallet, and phone, as well as wet towels to use for sealing cracks and protecting against smoke inhalation.

The flowchart then provides options for actions to take based on the situation. If it is safe to do so, the user is instructed to seal all cracks with wet towels, contact the fire department again, and wave at the windows to help firefighters identify their location.

If it is not safe to exit the building, the flowchart advises finding and entering a safe room, where the user should wait for rescue.

If the user has reached a balcony, the flowchart directs them to go upstairs and head to the balcony.

The flowchart concludes with the "Reached balcony" outcome, suggesting that the user has successfully reached a safe location.

This flowchart provides a visual representation of the sequential steps involved in a fire evacuation plan, including actions for detection, communication, gathering essential items, sealing cracks, signaling for help, finding a safe room, and waiting for rescue.

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