Happy Retirement Greeting Card

Happy Retirement Greeting Card Blue Tone Floral Retirement Greeting Card このテンプレートを編集する
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If you want to send a happy retirement greeting card to others but don't know how to design it, you can try to use this elegant greeting card template. This template has a blue color tone, some flower illustrations, a beautiful flower background, also has a textbox to give you input your message. This beautiful greeting card template is created by the online greeting card maker tool InfoART, you can customize to fit your need. You can edit the photos, icons, font, and color selection. When you have done, you can print it out or share it online through email or your social media accounts.

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グリーティングカード Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
600 x 400 px

Happy Retirement!!

Thank you for leading us and hope you enjoy your retired life !!