A topical medication with low viscosity called lotion is meant to be applied to the skin. Creams and gels, in contrast, have a higher viscosity since they often contain less water. Applying lotions to the skin's surface requires only the use of the hands, a brush, a clean cloth, or cotton wool. What do most people seek for in a lotion packagin nowadays? "Natural" and "Organic" are the most popular terms! So take that elements in your design, this design is state the green tea ingredient with a leaf silhouette and a calming color scheme, it is easy to apply to any other natural product!

A special label design must notify the potential customer about their product. They achieve this inadvertently by utilizing color and artwork to represent the whole experience as well as directly by using content to identify and characterize the products. Overall, creating a label involves establishing expectations, thus it is critical to deliver the right message. Searching for other labels? Browse the InfoART library for more modern labels templates!