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The story of jeans

When Strauss went from Germany to California, he found that gold miners were everywhere

Strauss realized that when everyone found an opportunity, it was no longer there. He found a business opportunity and came in a batch of canvas to sell them to the gold miners here to set up tents. He thought that it would be convenient and cheap to set up tents with canvas, which would be very suitable for gold miners.


However, due to the continuous rain, the delivery of canvas was delayed and the best selling time was missed. Now the tents on both sides of the river are already full, and the canvas has become unsalable

Strauss thought: if the backlog of canvas sold at a low price, the loss will be inevitable. And there was no one else except the gold diggers, so he thought that to solve these canvas problems, he had to find a way from the gold diggers. After more than days of careful observation, Strauss found that: these gold miners need to do a lot of work in the river every day, and their trousers will be worn out because they often rub with the stones and sand in the river. So a pair of durable and strong pants will become their demand called "Jeans"

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