Soft Blue Floral Wedding Engagement Invitation Soft Blue Floral Wedding Engagement Invitation

Soft Blue Floral Wedding Engagement Invitation

Everyone goes through the process of engagement before they get married. I think engagement is a transition to marriage. It is also a way of telling friends and family that they have chosen each other and choose the right time and the right day to get married.

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The modern engagement has no legal effect. Engagement is a kind of declaration. On our side, engagement is the recognition of the other party. It is a signal that we can announce our marriage. After the engagement, we may start to prepare for some wedding matters, such as bride price, marriage certificate, wedding photos, wedding day, banquet, and so on.

In fact, engagements are now mostly announced to the outside world. This is my fiancee, who our family approves of. We can get married at any time. But a lot of people get engaged and then break up.

The engagement is just a ceremony. Whether men and women can stay together, in the end, depends on their feelings.

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Bryan & Katherine

We are engaged!

You are invited to our cocktail party to celebrate the engagement!

Date & Time: 14 January 2021 | 8PM

Venue: The Starz Grand Hotel Ballroom

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