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With the popularity of self-help tourism, more and more people begin to prefer to communicate with nature, so mountain tourism has gradually entered people's vision. Recently, a tourism website released the 2017 mountain tourism consumption report. According to the report, the number of bookings of mountain tourism products in 2017 increased by 70% year on year. The mountainous landscape with rich forms and the folk culture with various characteristics have become the most attractive elements for tourists.

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According to statistics, mountains account for about 25% of the total land area of the world. The unique natural ecological environment, geographical and climatic conditions and mountain culture of mountains are the unique resources for the development of mountain tourism, among which, many resources are highly endowed and unique. The Himalaya Mountains in Asia, the Alps in Europe, the Rocky Mountains in North America, the Andes Mountains in South America, the Kilimanjaro Mountains in Africa, and so on are all famous mountain ranges in the world.

From the experience of mountain tourism development, mountain tourism can not only meet the needs of tourists for a high-quality tourism experience, but also promote mountain areas to get rid of poverty and become rich, such as the mountain areas in southeastern France in the 1970s, in Asturias in Spain, in Bali in Indonesia, held in Cancun in Mexico, and in Phuket in Thailand.

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