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Australia Postcard

Have you been to Australia? Australia is a sovereign state formed from the Australian continent's interior, the island of Tasmania, as well as several other smaller islands. With deserts in the center, tropical rainforests in the northeast, and mountain ranges in the southeast, it is a megadiverse nation with a wide diversity of topographies and climates.

Here is a postcard template designed for traveling. This is a simple postcard design for introducing Australia. In this postcard, an image of an Australian cityscape is designed as the photo background of the postcard. It shows the city's life, architecture, and people of Australia. The text of "Lost in Australia" is also designed on the postcard. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. In Visual Paradigm Online, you can create your graphic design with the customization of texts, images, colors, shapes, forms, etc. You can allow selecting a template from dozen design examples prepared for you.

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