Mother's Day Bouquet Special Offer Poster Sweet Illustrative Mother Day Bouquet Poster Design

Mother's Day Bouquet Special Offer Poster

Mother's Day: The Original Origins

How did Mother's Day come about? Mother's Day first appeared in ancient Greece, legend in January 8 this day, the ancient Greeks to pay tribute to the mother of the Greek gods Rhea. By the time of ancient Rome, the scale of these activities became even larger, and the celebration often lasted as long as three days, which is the earliest legend of Mother's Day.

Greeting Card template: Floral Mother's Day Greeting Card (Created by InfoART's Greeting Card maker)

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Mother's Day is a day to thank mothers, now we say mother's Day originated in the United States, is the second Sunday in May each year. In 1907, a woman in the United States in order to mourn his mother, inside the church decorated with white carnations to mourn his mother. Since then, the practice has spread throughout the United States, so by the time of Mother's Day, there was also the activity of giving carnations to express gratitude.

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