Chinese Paper-Cutting Style Poster White And Red Chinese New Year Sale Poster

Chinese Paper-Cutting Style Poster

Paper cutting is a kind of traditional Chinese folk art. Even though only one layer is created, complicated images can be shown by matching the positive and negative space of the work. Chinese paper cutting is still commonly used in different celebrations nowadays, such as wedding ceremony and Lantern Festival.

In the coming Chinese New Year, if you want to create a beautiful poster to promote your activities, isn't it a good idea to use elements of paper-cutting in your poster just like this one? By InfoART's library of VP Online's poster maker, you can find out lots of Chinese cultural graphics. Just takes you a few minutes, you can then create a poster by customizing the content and colours. Get start now and enjoy the fun of creation!

If you want to find posters of other styles instead of paper-cutting, check out InfoART and pick the best Chinese New Year poster that fits your need!

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1654 x 2339 px

Chinese New Year 2021

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