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Fashion Sense Poster

6 small things to enhance fashion sense

  1. Read more fashion books and magazines - a large number of books about fashion are not to imitate, but to accumulate certain fashion knowledge through input and absorption, and to establish the most basic understanding of fashion.

  2. Establish a fashion material library - store at least 20 beautiful pictures every day, save the good pictures and take pictures of the good things. You will know what is good only when you see the good ones. Seeing more beautiful pictures can help to improve the fashion aesthetic.

  3. Mobilize the senses - listen to more music, go to more art galleries, see more architecture, enjoy more painting and calligraphy, etc. these small things are the ability and opportunity to learn to judge beauty and ugliness.

  4. Get closer to nature - many of the prints and patterns on clothes are inspired by nature. You can go into nature at least once a week to experience the novelty and beauty of plants and animals, enrich your experience and improve your understanding of fashion.

  5. Learn to recognize the body shape - body shape is the key to wear, and developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses is the first step of fashion. Many fashion people try to make up for their inborn deficiencies through the day after tomorrow, so as to have a super standard of clothing taste.

  6. Learn to appreciate simple beauty - what is simplicity? Refers to the texture of picky and elevated. Clean, tidy, simple, for anyone is the essence of taste.

YouTube Channel Art template: Trendy Fashion Tips Sharing YouTube Channel Art (Created by InfoART's YouTube Channel Art maker)

(YouTube channel art design of fashion tips sharing channel. Edit now)

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Fashion Sense

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