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Music and Human Connection

As long as civilization has existed, people have used music to relax their bodies and minds. Ancient Greek philosophers even used music as a therapeutic tool. More recent music therapy began to take off after World War II, when a large number of soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) began to visit hospitals with community musicians, treating soldiers with songs and melodies.

In fact, when people hear their favorite music, the brain will release a chemical called dopamine, which can make them feel happy. Research has shown that music can improve our health and happiness. Let's take a look at some major benefits of music:

  • Improves motivation

  • Stimulate the brain

  • Helps with concetration

  • Lower stress

  • Eliminate boredom

Want to know more about the benefits of listening to music when studying? Check out the infographic below. Click here to edit the infographic with our online infographic maker.

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