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Design Book Cover with Drag-and-Drop

Want to create beautiful book covers? With our drag-and-drop editor, book cover design is easy and fast. No matter you want to add icons, shapes or artworks to your design, all you need is drag-and-drop.




Icons and pictures in a design can be replaced through drag-and-drop. The position of elements will remain unchanged. No deletion and re-creation is needed. This makes template customization fast and simple.


A rich set of layout components is provided to help you layout your book cover design. When you drag a graphic element into a layout region, you can optionally fit its size with the region, and when you resize the region, the graphic element will be resized accordingly. No manual touch-up is needed.

Export and Share

Export your design as PNG, JPEG, or a PDF file. Share it on social media, or even printing it out. You can also embed and publish your design with just a few clicks.

100,000 个免费图标和照片

Thousands of free icons

Easily add free icons, photos and cliparts to your book covers. A rich set of graphics is available. The vector graphics will remain look good when you resize.

1M+ royalty free stock photos

You can always find the photo you need no matter what kind of design you are creating. Best of all they are royalty free!

Various effects and filters

Spice up those photos with different effects and filters. Create all sorts of look and feel from trying out different effects and filters.