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The Vacuum Robot flowchart template illustrates the process of a vacuum robot performing its cleaning tasks. The flowchart includes actions such as powering on the robot, scanning the environment, generating a map and location, planning a cleaning route, turning on the vacuum function, following the designated route, completing the cleaning route, returning to the power dock, powering off, and handling various error conditions such as low battery, full vacuum, and error indicators.

The flowchart begins with the power-on phase, followed by the robot scanning its environment to gather information about the layout of the area to be cleaned. Based on the scan, the robot generates a map and determines its current location.

Next, the robot plans a cleaning route based on the generated map and location information. Once the route is planned, the vacuum function is activated, and the robot follows the designated path to perform the cleaning.

As the robot completes the cleaning route, it reaches the end point and indicates the finished route. At this point, the robot returns to the power dock for recharging.

Once the robot is docked, it powers off, ready for the next cleaning cycle. However, the flowchart also accounts for various error conditions that may occur during the cleaning process. These include low battery, a full vacuum that requires emptying, and error indicators that may require further investigation or troubleshooting.

This flowchart provides a visual representation of the sequential steps involved in the operation of a vacuum robot during its cleaning tasks.

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