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Customer Journey Map (CJM) is a product and customer interaction system developed on the basis of detailed analysis of customer needs and behaviors. It enables you to understand the user experience, the customer's motivations, and product quality accordingly.

In fact, a CJM describes the customer's journey from first contact with the company to purchase, and then eventually to repeated purchases by these loyal customers. To do this, we can do some data collection, research, and analysis: data collected from feedback surveys, online audits, and other customer satisfaction indicators, for example.

The customer journey map is used to describe the customer's lifelong relationship with the company and to help the company identify the difficulties or setbacks that customers encounter in the purchase process. It is a visual representation that combines persona data with user behavior.

Follow the main steps listed below to create CJM:

  1. Define your goals

  2. Identify your target audience and persona

  3. Identify all touchpoints related to customer and company interaction channels

  4. Select an appropriate CJM template provided by visual paradigm, or modify a template to meet your needs

  5. Map and fill the CJM with the contents based on the data and research findings

  6. Finish the journey with your team and experience what the customer feels like during the entire journey

  7. Identify customer pain points and develop corrective actions

  8. Assess the effectiveness and publicize your findings to your team to break the company's silos

  9. Re-iterate the program as needed

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