Customer Journey Mapping - Step-by-Step Guide Simple Customer Journey Mapping Template

Customer Journey Mapping - Step-by-Step Guide

A customer journey map is a powerful graphical description of the customer. It helps you project yourself from the customer's perspective to see what they're trying to do, the challenges they face along the way, and the special opportunities for change.

Customer Journey Life-Cycle

The end-to-end view of the customer experience across channels, silos, social networks, and market segments is the customer journey map. This highlights all the touch points of the customer journey itself, including the satisfactory outcome, and illustrates where the customer's needs are not being met.

For example, Here is a typical customer journeys in a product purchasing life cycle:

Learning -> trial -> installation -> use -> Evaluate -> purchase -> support >

Completing the customer travel map will help you find places of opportunities that are unknown and can identify possible solutions. As you learn more about your clients by meeting them, you can update your customer travel map.

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