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For traditional Christians, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. They go to church on Christmas morning to honor and promote the spirit of Jesus. But now most people think of it as a day to share their love and care for family, friends and even others. The night before Christmas is also known as Christmas Eve, the family will get together to share Christmas dinner, sing Christmas carols around the tree, share the life of the year, express the best wishes and love.

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Due to America's ethnic complexity and liberal culture, Christmas in the United States has long since faded its religious meaning and become a time of wild celebrations, cards, gifts and Santa Claus. Many cities will decorate the street lights or street trees on the main street with multicolored light strings, Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees, candy canes... And so on. In addition to decorating Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music, most stores will also offer a variety of great discounts.

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