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Giving flowers is an art! Different kinds of flowers have different meanings. According to different occasions, festivals, and the identity of flower pickers, send flowers and bouquets in line with the situation, which can not only convey emotions, blessings but also send a surprise and foil the atmosphere.

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Most common flower questions: What flowers do you send to your mother or older lady on Mother's Day? What flowers are appropriate for the graduation ceremony of friends and family? How to choose a birthday bouquet?

Let me introduce the most popular flower varieties and different colors of flowers so that you can choose the most appropriate bouquet.

  1. Tulips are one of the most popular and beloved flowers of spring and one of the most popular Mother's Day gifts. Tulips are native to Turkey, but are world-famous in Holland. Tulips represent perfect love, they represent elegance and can be used as a declaration of love.

  2. Rose is one of the symbols of love, known as the "flower of love", is a representative Valentine's Day bouquet and proposal bouquet.

  3. Hydrangea is a common garden flower, its cymes shaped like snowballs surrounded by oval green leaves, so hydrangea in Japan represents family unity, communion, and Thanksgiving and heartfelt gratitude.

  4. Sunflower represents worship and pure thought, as well as a symbol of devotion to love. The sunrise nature of sunflowers makes them a great gift to give to friends and family on graduation or promotion occasions, as well as congratulations and best wishes. Therefore, sunflower bouquets are the most popular graduation bouquets.

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Flower Bouquet

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