Understanding Customer Journey Map

Understanding Customer Journey Map Using Cliparts to Explain Phases in CJM Editar esta plantilla
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Pain Points vs Touch Points in CJM

Pain points are moments in the customer experience that lead to annoyance, emotional distress, frustration, or trouble, both of which are key touch points in the customer's journey. If the design does not match the brand, each mishandled touch point will leave a negative experience for the customer; As a result, it becomes a pain point, which means that the entire customer experience becomes unsatisfactory.

Pain Points and Touch Points in CJM

There are many different types of pain points, but in general, there are four typical types of pain points, all of which can be broken down into many smaller categories. These are four main types and an example of the struggle related to this issue.

  • Financials - Your potential customers are spending too much money on their current solution and want to spend less.

  • Productivity - Your potential customer is spending too much time and energy on a task and would prefer to do it more efficiently.

  • Process - Your potential customer has a specific process that needs to be more effective in achieving a specific goal.

  • Support - Your prospects are not getting the support they need at certain stages of the customer journey or marketing conversion funnel.

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