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The customer journey map is used to map the relationship between customers and the organization, as well as the relationship between customers and all channels of business interaction. It helps to identify the difficulties or setbacks customers encounter in the purchase or purchase process. It is a visual representation that combines data from persona with user behavior. The organization uses the customer journey map to see how the customer experience meets customer expectations and to identify areas where the business process needs to be improved.

Guidelines for Creating Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is a way to evaluate, visualize, and master the customer experience. From the customer's point of view, it can help you look at product or service systems to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation. To design a useful customer journey map, consider the following tips before you begin:

  • Which customers do you focus on?

  • What information you are seeking for? What are you analyzing? What finding are you looking for?

  • Understanding the customer experience by creating a storyline

  • Using customer language

  • Define channels and contact points

  • Explore the pain points of customers

  • Consider background activities that affect the customer's journey

  • Get feedback from all levels of the organization to eliminate islands

  • It's not just maps: understanding and improving.

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