International Business Company Grand Opening Flyer Green And Orange Flyer Of Opening Ceremony

International Business Company Grand Opening Flyer

Do you want to find a professional flyer design for your business companies grand opening? If the answer is yes, this flyer template is suitable for you. This flyer template is created for a business company grand opening, this flyer template has a green and orange two-color tone design, also has a building photo be the background, also include some text box to give you input the information. This flyer is designed with InfoART, an intuitive flyer design software, you can replace the product photo with your own one, edit the text, color choice, and font selection. You can also add more shapes, illustrations, and icons from the many choices in InfoART's asset library, or upload image files of your own from your device.

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Dominant Color
827 x 1169 px

Grand Opening

Blue Sky International Company

Date: 02/02

Time: 11:00 a.m.

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