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Why do so many people want to learn guitar?

Guitar is a relatively simple instrument. Unlike the piano, accordion and so on, it must have a deep understanding of the knowledge of staff, music theory, etc. it is difficult to learn, takes a lot of time, and may not be able to learn it well.

Guitar learners do not have to worry about not being sure about the score, because the world's guitars are using six-line score, so the score is easy to understand, learning guitar only needs a small part of the basic music science knowledge. Therefore, one of the biggest reasons why many people want to learn guitar is that it is easy to learn. It doesn't take much time. It only needs to be practiced every day.

In modern society, fierce competition, intense pace of life, all bring people great psychological pressure. Psychologists tell us that music is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress.

In the movies or TV series we've seen. Often there is a plot is to carry the guitar to travel and relax, as it is so easy to bring along a guitar you. Therefore, the portability is also a very important reason why we choose to learn guitar!

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