Typography Black Friday Sale Poster Black And Pink Typography Black Friday Sale Poster

Typography Black Friday Sale Poster

Is the Black Friday in your mind the 13th Friday when everything is said to go wrong?

How is black Friday different from Friday 13th?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The so-called "Black Friday" refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. And "Cyber Monday" is the first Monday after Thanksgiving every year. In these two days, American retailers will launch all kinds of price reduction and promotion activities.

Gift Card template: Blue Circle Black Friday Sale Gift Card (Created by InfoART's Gift Card maker)

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Friday 13th

Friday 13th is the day when Friday comes on the 13th. At the same time, Friday 13th is also the name of computer virus. Black Friday is regarded as an unfortunate and unlucky day by western society.

According to the British Daily Mail, the number of traffic accidents on Black Friday was three percentage points higher than usual.

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