Car Rental Service

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The Car Rental Service flowchart template outlines the process of renting a car through a car rental service. The flowchart includes steps such as starting the process, distinguishing between an admin, registered user, and new user, handling password-related actions (requesting a new password or forgetting the password), logging in, entering a new password, verifying the correctness of the password, searching for the desired vehicle, and making the payment.

The flowchart begins with the start of the process. It then branches out based on the user type: admin, registered user, or new user.

For registered users and new users, the flowchart includes actions related to password management. Registered users can request a new password if needed, while new users can choose to forget their password.

After logging in, the flowchart proceeds to the action of entering a new password. It then verifies the correctness of the password.

Once the password is confirmed, the flowchart continues with the user searching for the desired vehicle.

Finally, the flowchart concludes with the user making the payment for the selected vehicle.

This flowchart provides a visual representation of the sequential steps involved in renting a car through a car rental service.

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