Pneumatic Door

Pneumatic Door

The Pneumatic Door flowchart template illustrates the process of opening and closing a pneumatic door. The flowchart includes actions such as pressing the open button, engaging the solenoid to trigger the pneumatic tube, fully opening the door for a specific duration, turning off the solenoid, detecting the presence of a human, and fully closing the door after a certain period of time.

The flowchart begins with the start of the process, followed by the action of pressing the open button. This activates the solenoid, which triggers the pneumatic tube responsible for operating the door mechanism.

Once the pneumatic tube is engaged, the door starts to open fully and remains in the open position for 30 seconds, as indicated in the flowchart.

After the specified duration, the solenoid is turned off, disengaging the pneumatic tube and stopping the door from opening further.

The flowchart also accounts for the possibility of human detection. If a human is detected during the opening process, the door will immediately close fully.

In the event that no human is detected, the door remains fully open for 5 seconds before the process ends.

This flowchart provides a visual representation of the sequential steps involved in the operation of a pneumatic door.

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