How To Recycle Infographic How To Recycle Infographic

How To Recycle Infographic

What is the Concept of 3R? Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

The theory of waste reduction, re-use and recycling of materials and goods is also referred to as 3Rs: (1) Reducing involves trying to use items wisely to minimize the amount of waste produced. (2) Reusing includes the repeated use of items or pieces of items that still work properly functionally. (3) Recycling is the use of waste itself as resources.

Waste reduction can be accomplished effectively by relying mainly on the first of the 3Rs, "reduce," followed by "reuse" and then "recycle."

Reduction -Try to reduce the amount of pollution you make, since this is the easiest way to support the world. if there is less waste, then there is less to reuse or recycle. Or,

If you can't stop generating the waste, try to Reuse!

Reuse -Think about how you can reuse something like shredding paper for your hamster rather than buying bedding or saving glass jars for storage.

If you can't reuse anything, try it to Recycling!

Recycling (and composting) - This allows the materials you throw away to be used again by converting them into new goods.

OK, now it is you turn to do some research and create a professional infographic on this topic and share your ideas with your friends.

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