Ways To Improve Memory Infographic Ways To Improve Memory Infographic

Ways To Improve Memory Infographic

Memory development and maintenance is a dynamic mechanism in which information that we use for multiple purposes is gathered, processed and retrieved by the human brain. It is responsible for everything from detecting risk, making things work on time and remembering who you are and how you got to where you are now.

I believe everyone of us have come across the following kind of scenarios:

  • Forget where you put your car key?

  • forget some item in your groceries list?

  • Do you have trouble remembering names of people you met before?

    Your are not alone. Everyone forgets something sometimes. There are several basic strategies you can use to sharpen your memory and know when to seek help for memory loss:

  1. Schedule for physical exercise regularly

  2. Engage mentally active practice, i.e. crossword puzzles or other memory game

  3. Sleep well and eat healthy diet

  4. Eat fruit and vegetables

  5. Relax and reduce stress level

  6. Make note and get organized i.e. calendar, mind mapping or Gantt chart

  7. Practise Mindfulness Meditation

To get the best out of them, try to mix multiple techniques and tailor them to suit your needs and personality. Tweak it or use a new tactic if something's not working, don't be afraid to get advice from others or consult the experts.

Note That

Distractions (internal and external disturbances), however, draw you away from things that you just need to work on.

Internal disturbance - Pressure, fears, pessimistic feelings or hunger

External disturbances - Noises, sounds and smells

stretching, yoga, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation) or deep breathing to restore mental focus may help to strength our memory.

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