Latte Menu Warm Kaki Coffee Menu Design Template

Latte Menu

Are you a coffee person? You feel warm and want to unwind when you smell freshly brewed coffee. Coffee can help you focus. You also have a lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease. What brand of coffee do you prefer?

Here is a menu template designed for a coffee shop. This is a classy menu design with an image and text. In this menu design, brownish colors are used as the main color theme the menu which suits the theme of coffee. An image of a cup of coffee is designed on the left side of the menu. It showcases what the real drink of the restaurant looks like. With this online design tool, you can freely customize graphics with the selection of various templates. You can easily edit the images, colors, shapes, etc. with this tool. You can also edit the images with the adjustment of brightness, contrast, and exposure too on the tool palette.

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メニュー Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
800 x 1200 px


Basic Coffee

  • Cafe Tea

  • Cappuccino

  • Espresso

  • Cafe Mocha

  • Cafe Chai

Latte & Macchiato

  • Cafe Latte

  • Vanilla Bean Latte

  • Acai & Berry Latte

  • Matcha Macchiato