Sustainability will be the big winner in autumn/winter 2011/22

The reduction of the earth's resources and the change of consumerism. Leading to a rethinking of the search for a more ethical lifestyle, today, sustainability is no longer a unique niche, or part of the brand's "green" marketing gimmick, almost every brand must have the basic conditions.

This season, sustainable design has become the mainstream of the four major fashion weeks. Big data show a 38% increase in sustainable design during Autumn/Winter 2021 Fashion Week.

Luxury can also be more ethical

Sustainable fashion is important for our planet. Now, fashion brand is not only to take action to "slow in slow motion" (reduce production and increase the product use), and should continue to moral responsibility, including pay close attention to our product may influence on the earth, the use of natural or renewable fiber.

Next, let's focus on the green-themed Fall/Winter 2021 on the promotion strategy, which contribute to sustainability, environmental protection and waste reduction while boosting sales.

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Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion Infographics

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