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The formulation of corporate strategy is inseparable from the macro environment. PEST analysis can better grasp the status quo and changing trend of the macro environment from all aspects, which is conducive to the enterprise to take advantage of the opportunities for survival and development, as well as the possible threats to the environment.

The Four Aspects of PEST analysis

PEST is a method to analyze the external macro environment of an enterprise from the perspective of enterprise strategy from the four aspects of politics (politics), economy (economy), society (society) and technology (technology).

  1. Political environment refers to the political system, system, policy, laws and regulations of a country or region. These factors often affect the business behavior of enterprises, especially the long-term investment behavior of enterprises.

  2. Economic environment refers to the domestic and foreign economic conditions, macroeconomic policies, economic development level and other factors that must be taken into consideration when an enterprise formulates strategies

  3. Social environment refers to the ethnic characteristics, cultural traditions, values, religious beliefs, educational levels, customs and habits of the members of the society in which the organization is located.

  4. Technical environment refers to the technology level, technology policy, new product development capability and technology development trend of the country or region in which the enterprise operates.

Why PEST Analysis?

When it comes to analytical methods, the first thing that comes to mind is SWOT. This kind of analysis method mainly helps enterprises to discover their own advantages, integrate resources and form enterprise strategic planning. If you want to have a better understanding of product analysis, it is best to use PEST analysis as a supplement to SWOT analysis.

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