Carnival Funfair Poster Cartoon Poster With Graphics Of Candies

Carnival Funfair Poster

Do you like carnival funfair? Carnival was originally a pre-Lenten festival where people seized the last time before fasting to enjoy different kinds of food and drink. Nowadays, carnival funfair is more similar to an amusement park. Different games are offered in the carnival where people can enjoy different kinds of entertainment.

This is a poster made for the carnival funfair. Since the target audience of this event is children, the design of the poster is simple and cute. The graphic of candy is shown on the design and the font style is interesting. With distinct colors in the design, children will be easily attracted to this poster. By the poster maker of Visual Paradigm Online, all elements on the design are customizable, including text, image, color and photo. Composition is also editable to fit your needs. Try to create your own poster by the tool to promote your event now!

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