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SWOT analysis guides the organization to identify product strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Only by better understanding ourselves, our rivals and the environment can we adapt to and cope with changes faster and better.

  • Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors of a company (product), which are affected by product quality, materials, personnel, machines, channels, services, and other factors.

  • Opportunities and threats are external factors of a company (product), which are influenced by the market, economy, society and policies.

8 Steps for Performing SWOT Analysis

  1. Establish the objective of your SWOT analysis

  2. Conduct necessary research for your business, industry, and market

  3. Identify your business’s strengths

  4. Identify your business’s weaknesses

  5. Identify potential opportunities for your business

  6. Identify potential threats to your business

  7. Develop a strategy and actions to address issues in the SWOT

  8. Prioritize the order for the actions to be taken as an implementation plan

SWOT Analysis Example - Renewable Energy

SWOT Analysis example

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