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Using the results of SWOT analysis

Obviously, companies do not need to eliminate all their weaknesses, nor should they avoid exploiting their strengths. The main issue is that companies should study whether they should limit their scope to existing opportunities or / and acquire and develop some new strengths in order to seek better opportunities.

Four strategies for Using the results by SWOT

In the process of the adaptability analysis, the first mock exam of the enterprise is based on the definition of the internal and external factors, and analyzes the four basic strategy of:

  1. leverage,

  2. inhibition,

  3. vulnerability and

  4. problematic.

Leverage Effect (SO: strengths + opportunities)

The leverage effect is produced when the internal strengths and external opportunities are consistent and adapt to each other. In this case, enterprises can use their own internal advantages to pry up external opportunities, so that opportunities and strengths can be fully combined. However, opportunities are often fleeting, so companies must be keen to seize opportunities and seize them in search of greater growth.

Inhibition Effect (WE: Opportunities and Weaknesses)

Inhibition means obstruction, blocking, influence, and control. When the opportunities offered by the environment are not suitable for the strengths and capabilities within the enterprise, or cannot overlap with each other, the strengths of the enterprise will not be used. In this case, the enterprise needs to provide and add resources to facilitate the transformation of internal resource weaknesses to strengths in order to meet or adapt to external opportunities.

Vulnerability Effect (ST: Strengths and Threats)

Vulnerability implies a reduction in the degree or intensity of superiority. When the environment poses a threat to the company's advantages, the strengths can not be fully played, resulting in a weak situation. In this situation, the enterprise must overcome the threat in order to exert the advantage from the strengths and capability of the company.

Problematic (WT: Weaknesses + Threats)

When the internal weaknesses of an enterprise meet with external threats, the enterprise will face severe challenges. If handled improperly, it may directly threaten the survival of the enterprise.

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