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Like to make a brochure to promote a variety of items? The best marketing tools for young businesses and startups are brochures. Brochures often have more graphics than text. Brochures get a great deal of interest from customers.

This is a brochure template designed for brainstorming thinking. It is a modern brochure design with images and text. On this design template, various cute graphics are designed as the background of the brochure. Brown and grey color is used as the color palette of the brochure. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With the use of this online design tool, you can freely edit visuals using a variety of templates. Using this tool, you can easily edit the photos, colors, shapes, etc. Brightness, contrast, and exposure adjustments can also be made to photographs using the tool palette.

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Broszury Template Specifications:
Możliwość dostosowania:
Ten szablon broszury można w pełni dostosować do własnych potrzeb. Możesz edytować zawartość, zastępować obrazy, zmieniać kolory, dodawać lub usuwać bloki projektu i nie tylko.
Dominant Color
1100 x 850 px

Smart Brainstorming Ideas

No Longer A Complicated Task

  • Point 01

  • Point 02

  • Point 03


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