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The small squirrel in the forest is really lovely, the tail is thick and fluffy, jumping up and down in the dense branches, like to do a nest in the hole, mainly to seeds and fruits for food, but also eat some mushrooms and buds, sometimes also eat insects and birds' eggs.

In the forest, everything grows vigorously, providing plenty of food for many animals. For little squirrels, finding food is still quite difficult, and sometimes they have to find the fruits collected in the first autumn to satisfy their hunger. The squirrel has its own unique way of eating: it first knocks out a small hole at one end of the shell, and then expands the hole a little bit until the core of the fruit is taken out. Like all rodents, the teeth of squirrels are sharp and dexterous enough to deal with any hard fruit. They often sit on the tree to eat, and observe the surrounding movement at any time.

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Squirrels are the sowers of great forests. The food they bury underground will break through the ground in the spring and sprout. In the forest, a number of small pine trees are growing vigorously, which is the result of their sowing.

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