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Yoga can increase the heart rate and speed up the circulation of oxygenated blood. It helps keep the blood clean and smooth and removes dirt from the blood. This can improve blood circulation, prevent common diseases, delay the hardening of blood vessels, make people more energetic and delay aging.

When you practice yoga, you are usually sweating and toxins are expelled through your skin. In addition, you can massage and stimulate some organs with detoxification function by twisting and bending. Therefore, regular practice of yoga can effectively help to expel toxins from the body. Regular practice of yoga can calm the body and mind, improve the immune system and flush out stress-related toxins from the body. It is the perfect "cure" for you after a tiring day at work.

(Here is an infographic of how yoga benefits your health. Click here to edit.)

Many exercises that are good for your body and mind also have the potential to cause injuries over time. For example, jogging can damage your knees and back joints, tennis can cause arthritis in your wrists and ankles, and weight lifting can tighten and stiffen the connectors more quickly. Yoga is one of the few exercises that can promote overall health, both physical and mental, without causing any harm or complications.

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