The 15 Traits Of Emotional Intelligence Infographic With Five Dimensions Model Blue And Orange Emotional Intelligence Infographic Design

The 15 Traits Of Emotional Intelligence Infographic With Five Dimensions Model

Emotional Intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the collection of a person's emotional, volitional, setbacks tolerance and other related qualities.

It consists of five characteristics:

  1. self-awareness,

  2. emotion control,

  3. self-motivation,

  4. cognition of other people's emotions, and

  5. dealing with mutual relations.

Intelligent Quotient vs Emotional Quotient

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use and manage one's emotions in a positive way to reduce stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and resolve conflicts.

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is the total score on a set of standardized tests designed to assess a person's intelligence, measuring how well a person uses information and logic to answer questions or make predictions.

Although IQ is an extremely important factor for success, it is more your EQ that affects a person's whole life.

Interested to know more about the difference between EQ and IQ? Below is an EQ vs IQ infographic. Click here to view and edit.


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