Writing Skills Infographic Writing Skills Infographic

Writing Skills Infographic

An significant part of communicating is writing skills. Written skills are an important part of

a wide variety of jobs in nearly every sector. Strong writing skills allow you to convey your message to a far wider audience with consistency and ease than by face-to-face or phone conversations.

Today, we have more and more cases of weak writing skills especially on the internet, i.e. blog and social networks where everyone can be the author. Bad writing skills produce poor first impressions and if they find a spelling or grammatical error, many readers might have an instant negative reaction.

Effective Writing

Effective writing is a challenge, since it requires more than just proper grammar. You ought to master the comprehension of the structure of sentences, develop the vocabulary and strengthen other basic writing skills.

  • Using the expression concisely and precisely

  • Turn sentences to paragraphs and paragraphs to documentation

  • Use grammatical constructs and patterns to help you write strong English.

  • Planning, touching-up and Revising - as first draft are never perfect

In addition, if your career includes working on instructional and supporting documents for tasks relating to technology, it may become important to have reliable technical writing skills. These skills are important to deliver complex technological knowledge in a user-friendly manner.

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