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PDCA cycle was first proposed by Shewart and then further developed by Deming, so it is also called Deming cycle. PDCA is the first letter of the English words "plan", "do", "check" and "action". PDCA cycle is a scientific procedure that carries out quality management in this order and goes on continuously.

  • P (plan) - Set policy and target, activity plan

  • D (do) - Do it on the spot to realize the contents of the plan

  • C (check) - Summarize the results of the implementation plan, pay attention to the effect and find out the problems

  • A (ACT) - The results of the summary inspection should be handled, the successful experience should be affirmed and appropriately popularized and standardized, and the lessons of failure should be summarized to avoid recurrence.

    The reason why PDCA cycle is called cycle is that the above four processes are not finished once, but repeated. After one cycle, some problems are solved, and the unsolved problems enter into the next PDCA cycle, which will promote the continuous improvement of the work.

The Meaning of PDCA Cycle

Every work can be treated as a PDCA cycle which:

  1. The needs to plan,

  2. Implement a plan,

  3. check the results, and

  4. Summarize and seek for further improvements.

    Each effort is a four-part PDCA cycle that needs to be planned, implemented, reviewed, and further refined. At the same time, it will move into the next cycle. A qualitative leap, even a small one, can only be made over a period of gradual improvement. Only in this way can we improve our every work and life.

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